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It’s no secret:  Food Trucks have firmly established themselves as an integral part of the dining scene.  A Food Truck is a great way to bring restaurant quality food to any location, at any time!  We all have the things we do best, and Chinese Tacos are what we do and do well!

What’s a Chinese Taco?  Glad you asked!  Our Chinese Tacos are a delicious blend of Asian ingredients and Latin flavors served hot and fresh in a corn tortilla.  We take inspiration from all over Asia:  Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc. and use many of the awesome, fresh produce and spices available throughout Latin America.  It’s an amazing blend of bold, unique flavors that keep your taste buds rolling hard!  We have options for all flavors and diets from Vegan/ Vegetarian, Gluten Free and the other usual suspects.  Our focus is quality, flavor and hospitality so you’re guaranteed a delicious meal, regardless of your preferences!  Our Vegan tacos get the same amount of love as everything else so don’t be afraid to give it a try!  Check out our Menu to see what we do!

We opened our doors in late 2013 and haven’t looked back once.  Our Chef and Owner, David Peck, never envisioned a food truck but the cost savings over a brick & mortar was too good to pass up.  It’s been a challenging but exciting road and we’ve been very fortunate to have an amazing following of loyal Chaco munchers and supporters that keep our Food Truck at the top of our game.

Being Mobile can be a great thing!  We frequent events all over South Florida like Fort Lauderdale’s own Food in Motion and FAT Village’s ArtWalk with the amazing folks at C&I Studios, Wynwood ArtWalk, Margate Under the Moon, Islamorada’s Baygrass Bluegrass & BayJam Concerts, Funky Buddha Brewery‘s Maple Bacon Coffee Porter & Anniversary Parties plus so much more!  We’re always on the move and try to make sure the Chaco love finds its way to all your faces!

Our Food Truck is available for a variety of different events from corporate lunches, late night bars, breweries, schools and more.  We also have some amazing catering packages utilizing our Food Truck.  It’s a fantastic way to feed a crown and we’re always a hit!  Don’t be afraid to shoot us an email to find out more about what we can do for you!


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Want to see us more often?  Contact us below to find out how to get some Chinese Tacos!