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Vegan & Vegetarian!


Well hello my dear Vegans & Vegetarians, welcome to Box of Chacos!  Just so you know, we do plant based grub and do it well.  You’ll never find a boring plate of steamed veggies here!  Our veggie dishes, just like our regular tacos, get lots of love and tons of flavor!  You’re guaranteed to get the same quality and flavor profile of everything else we cook-and you’ll love it so if you need top quality vegan catering or vegetarian catering then look no further!

Some of our most popular Vegan items have been the Curried Squash Taco, Crispy Yuca Tac0, Jackfruit “Carnitas” and Tofu Migas.  All of these tacos have excellent layers of flavors, great textures and some really cool and unique twists on some well known dishes from the “other side.”

The Curried Squash usually starts life as either Butternut or Spaghetti Squash.  We start with a caramelized mix of onions, ginger, garlic and squash that’s slowly simmered together with lots of Thai Red Curry, Coconut Milk & Gluten Free Soy.  We allow the squash to cook until almost tender, so it holds together better when eaten.  Atop this we’ll usually do a Kreamy Asian Kole Slaw (Vegan mayo based), Toasted Pumpkin Seeds and sometimes we’ll get frisky and use some Crispy Kataifi!  (Shredded Phyllo Dough).

Our Jackfruit “Carnitas” is straight rediculous!  This is almost too close to the real deal (Pork simmered in spices, etc), so close you might not even believe it’s vegan!  We cook the Jackfruit very similarly to it’s meat counterpart:  we start by caramelizing the jackfruit, garlic and onions separately, then cooking them together with orange juice, Adobo, chipotle peppers & gluten free soy sauce.  Once it’s cooked, we re-season everything just to make sure it’s perfect.  We garnish with a little Pineapple Salsa & Spicy Vegan Aioli and boom-deliciousness!  Goes great as a taco or even in a Toasted Chinese Steam Bun!

And don’t think we stop at Tacos!  We’re fully equipped and super excited to offer a full range of Vegan Catering Services that would make an excellent fit for birthdays, weddings. showers, corporate events and more.  We can develop some unique and amazing ideas that will blow your mind!

But remember-the options don’t stop there!  We are always developing new dishes and can gladly recommend a few more.  The opportunity for some amazing Vegan Catering & Vegetarian Catering is at your fingertips-simply shoot us an email for more info and prepare yourself to be blown away!

Our Vegan Catering & Vegetarian Catering Packages are very similar to our other packages.  Once we have an idea of a direction for your menu we’ll brainstorm some ideas, have you by for a tasting and be on our way to making your party amazing!

Contact us below or call 954.648.6535 today for more info on how our catering packages can help make your Birthday even more fun!


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