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Box of Chacos is an Award Winning, Top Rated Gourmet Caterer & Food Truck serving the Finest of Flavors to all the Beautiful Faces of South Florida.  We’re dedicated to cooking Fun, Unique & Delicious Food served with just the right touch of Southern Hospitality.  We frequent several local events throughout the month, as well as provide some amazing catering services for Birthdays, Weddings, Corporate Events & More.  Visit our Schedule or Check Out how we can make your next event amazing!

 If you like full flavored, delicious grub then look no further!  From our Tacos to any of our Catering Packages:  You’re guaranteed a great meal.  Our years of Fine Dining experience give us the knowledge and know-how to make some killer dishes and our food is at the top of the Game!  Our truck’s menu is a mix of flavors from all over Asia, blended perfectly with the right amount of Latin flair.  Some of our most popular dishes are the Tio’s 5 Spice Pork and our Kimchi Burger Tacos.  Meat not your thing?  We have you covered as well!  Check out our Vegan “Jackfruit” Carnitas or our Shaolin Veg-Meat Free and ready to Party!!!  We’re also more than just amazing tacos!  We feature a killer Burger and one of the most delicious Quesadillas you’ve ever had!  And don’t forget the Tots!!!

We might “just be a food truck” but there’s some serious cooking going on here.  We make just about everything and take lots of pride in the food we serve.  Great food is all about the love, and there’s no shortage of love or great food here! Come on our and see for yourself!  Looking forward to feeding you soon!

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If you’re looking for creative, unique & delicious food then look no further!  Much of the inspiration comes from Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai & Japanese cuisines along with a true love for all things tacos.  We’ve built our menu to demonstrate the ultimate in deliciousness with bold flavors, fresh ingredients, masterful technique and lots of passion.

We also strive for balance:  We want each bite to have the perfect blend of Crunch, Spice, Sweet, Salty, Sour & Sexy.  We always have some delicious Meat Options like our Guangdong Shorty & Curry Skirt Steak and we can never forget our Vegan and Vegetarian friends!  Our Shaolin Veg is a must try:  Crispy “Fish” Fried Avocado Slices with our Veggie Quinoa and Special Sauce-yum!  Or try our Vegan “Carnitas:”  Chipotle & Orange Braised Jackfruit “Carnitas” w/Pineapple Salsa & Tofu Krema.  We run specials, too so don’t forget to follow us to see our daily goodies!

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You Party?

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At Your Next Party

Have an event and need great food?  Looking to celebrate a birthday but don’t want to worry about a thing?  Have some employees that need some appreciation?  We have the perfect Catering solutions for Weddings, Anniversaries,  Showers, Corporate Events & so much more!  Our Food Truck and On Site Catering Services offer your guests an amazing variety of freshly cooked, delicious food.

Our Catering Services are available all over South Florida from Jupiter, West Palm, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, the Keys and everywhere in between!  We gladly provide event planning and can coordinate rentals, DJ’s, bar services and anything else you may need.  The Food Truck is available for a variety of events, in addition to our mobile catering service that allows us to cook an amazing meal with a much smaller foot print.

We have lots of talent on board and can gladly accommodate nearly any cuisine.  Our Tacos are always a hit but we can do so much more!  Some of the specialties we love to cook are:  Southern, Floribbean, Asian, French, Cajun/Creole, Italian, Spanish and more!  We can provide customized menus with a variety of dishes and have plenty of Sample Menus available for you to see as well.

You and your guests will love our food and we work very hard so you don’t have to!  Let us know how we can make your next party amazing!

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Kimchi Burger

Our Kimchi Burger

Is A Game Changer

Oh look how pretty!

That’s right-we’re not just amazing tacos!!!  Box of Chacos is so much more!  Amazing Burger, Unbelievable Quesadilla, Chinese Steam Buns & Even “Round Eye Egg Rolls” with fillings such as Lump Crab, Edamame & Fresh Corn.  Oh yeah…that’s how we roll!

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the best tacos on wheels

The Best Tacos

on Wheels!


We love it when people talk about us!  We have the best tacos but don’t take our word for it – Check out some of our reviews and see what our guests have to say!


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